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Bubbloids Screensaver

© Remco de Korte - 2000/2001


Short Info
The Bubbloid screensaver features a collection of 3D rendered images with bubbles floating gently over them.
To run Bubbloids you'll need Win95 or Win98.
I don't know about WinNT or Win2000 (yet).
Bubbloids.exe will install the screensaver to a directory of your choice.
Run this program again to uninstall the saver.


Bubbloids comes with a set of eight 3D images.
You can choose one of those as background, let the screensaver pick one
at random or cycle through them.

You can also use your desktop or
load one of your own images

Number of bubbles can vary from 1 to 16
Size of the bubbles > the maximum size decreases with the number of bubbles
Speed > from slow to turbo

the first release.
- password protection added
- adjustable speed
- desktop as background
- cycle option added
- improved movement routine
- small changes to the setting screen
- some small changes with file loading

The installer for this program was made by Brian Anderson.
This program was compressed with UPX,
The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables
©1996-2000 Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar,
The graphics for this screensaver were made by Govert Zoethout with the freeware
raytracer POV-Ray (http://www.povray.org).

Distribution & contact
This program is freeware. You are free to distribute it on the internet,
as long as you don't alter the package.
For questions about distribution on cd's or otherwise
please contact me at the adress below.

Questions & comments are welcome at:

You can find more free screensavers at: